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Dermalogica skin care
Our Skin Care Treatments
At Donna Maisey Skin Care we invite you to embark on a relaxing journey.

For the ultimate skin care experience, indulge in signature services that are designed to nurture your body and soul. Crafted from nature's elements, and incorporating ancient wisdom, our techniques will melt your stress away.

Experience a facial as individual as you are, tailored to meet your specific skin care needs, a deeply detoxifying body wrap with mineral-rich mud, and a hot stone massage scented with pure essential oils.

Escape the world for a fleeting moment and let your feelings evoke tranquillity - take a moment for yourself.

Personalised Skin Care
It's one treatment that’s different every time.

The Treatment
Based on your consultation, we will customise The Treatment with the following:
- Double cleansing
- Power exfoliation
- In-depth face mapping™ analysis
- Manual extractions
- Treatment masque
- Hand, arm and shoulder massage

Plus you can add your choice of the unique Touch Therapies for truly synergistic results.

The Treatment + Touch Therapies = Synergistic Skin Care
We know your skin, but only you know your mood. That's why you select your Touch Therapies (and the music to go with them!). Each Touch Therapy is a 15 minute experience designed to address a single area of the body.

Add as many as you want!

deep tissue / face and shoulder
stress relief / scalp and neck
stress relief / back
aroma-point / face
reflex point / feet
extractions / where you need them
nap time / all over

Treatment pricing from £43

Spa Body Therapy
For centuries, Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects. From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalise your skin.

Hydro-active Mineral Salt Scrub
Mineral-rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and silken the entire body. Includes dry body brushing, friction massage and gentle cloth buffing. Ideal before a bronzing treatment. £25.00

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap
Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your body with a purifying seaweed and mineral mud poultice, sealed in a warm relaxing wrap. Infused with aromatic botanical extracts and fruit enzymes, this treatment leaves the skin smooth and supple. £35.00

Body Therapy Hydro-Pack
An ultra-soothing, hydrating treatment personalised with aromatherapy oils. A pure, natural aloe-based pack is swaddled in a thermal wrap to infuse the skin with moisture. Ideal for calming sun-exposed skin. £35.00

Sunless Bronzing
Achieve a natural-looking golden glow without dangerous sun exposure. A full body exfoliation precedes application to ensure lasting coverage. £38.00

Expert Body Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Rebalance, revitalise and relax with this ancient therapeutic treatment. A blend of pure aromatic oils calms the nerves and restores even the most tired of bodies.
30 minutes: £29.00
60 minutes: £40.00

Stress Therapy Massage
The movements used in this specialised massage will not only stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, but will also assist in balancing the flow Chi energy.

By working on the area closest to the spine we are able to influence the Central Nervous System, accessing the whole body, thereby inducing a deep relaxation from head to toe. The treatment may be completed in just 30 minutes, perfect for the busy women of today, so much in need of a sanctuary…. Just so long as it does not take up too much of their time!
30 minutes: £29.00

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone therapy is a practice that is 2000 years old or more and based on therapy practiced by North American Indians. It is a complete body, mind and soul treatment. Stone massage involves the application of heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage. Physically, the body’s circulation and metabolism are stimulated and a state of deep relaxation is obtained within minutes leading to a complete feeling of wellbeing.
45 minutes: £40.00
60 minutes: £50.00
75 minutes: £60.00

Total Body Wellness
Utilising the Dermalogica Spa Body Therapy System, the treatment begins with a prescribed Dermalogica Elixir followed by an aromatherapy inhalation and breathing techniques to focus and unwind. Complete dry body brushing is followed by a mineral salt exfoliation on the back and a customised Dermalogica back pack to warm muscles, detoxify and re-mineralise the skin. Attention is then given to the legs and feet utilising aromatherapy and drainage movements to reduce fluid retention and fatigue. Returning to the back area, specialist energy balancing and stress reducing methods are performed to provide a deeper level of relaxation and diminish aches and pains. The treatment also includes unique pressure point massage techniques for the face and scalp.
75 minutes: £55.00

Finishing Touches
Hands and Feet
Therapeutic Manicure: 40 minutes £17.50
Luxury Manicure: 60 minutes £25.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure: 60 minutes £25.00

Waxing Treatments
Half leg: £15.00
Three Quarter Leg: £18.50
Full Leg: £22.50
Bikini: from £10.00
Underarm: £9.00

For your comfort, you should refrain from using steam rooms, sauna, sunbeds, swimming, bathing or exercising prior to and immediately following a waxing treatment.

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow shape: £8.50
Eyebrow tint*: £8.50
Eyelash tint*: £12.00

*A patch test is required 24 hours prior to your first treatment.

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