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Rose & Co

When you open the doors of Rose & Co you step back in time to an old apothecary shop, warmly lit by glass globes, fragranced with exotic oils and botanical essences, and packed from floor to ceiling with glass fronted mahogany cabinets. It is fitted out in a style that would make an Edwardian feel instantly at home, with large chemist’s bottles filled with brightly–coloured liquids, wooden counters, old fashioned metal cash registers and boxes and jars of home made lotions, potions and remedies piled high from floor to ceiling.

The exquisite range of lotions, balms, aromatic bath mixtures, hand–wrapped scented soaps and sumptuous gift collections will appeal to all ages, as no one will be able to resist the deliciously girly treats that epitomise pure femininity.

Salves & Balms

Body Care

Gift Sets